We have created music festivals. We have conceptualised and organised conferences. We have run digital campaigns and brand activation programs. We have investments in diverse technology related sectors. We have helped brands with digital and media strategy. Scroll down for more. 

Current Investments & Projects

CSR Weekly
CSR Weekly is a news blog on CSR activities and updates.
TechnoChan - Technology and Culture News Website
Content & Rights Management Solutions
Indian Band Festival
Indian Band Festival - Celebrating Culture through Music
SPARK Conference
Technology and arts conference.
Rainbow Communications
A enterprise ISP provider based out of Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Quvo TV
next-gen content delivery
Marketing suite aimed at ROI optimisation and AI based targeting
Content Studio
VR and digital content. Game studio. (PS/XBOX/PC/iOS/Android)
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Past Projects

HandyJack Home Services
Penton Consulting Bangalore - website
Brand activation - localised unwind concert series for Duetto
Penton Holidays website
A music festival dedicated to India, musicians and artists.
CrossRoads Music Festival, Trivandrum
HIVE is a content streaming media platform optimised around streaming efficiency and content diversification.
In-house production. A music video series featuring artists.
Brand, media and digital strategy for Bloom Foundation, India
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Quvo TV

next-gen content delivery